Advertisers only pay when users click in their google ad. The ads’ placements not just depend on bids. Most useful ads will be firstly placed in the results page. We will explain which are main features to nover forget if we want to reach a good quality google ad.

Firstly, advertiser just pay when users click in their ad and the place of this ads does not depend on the bid. In fact, most useful ads will always appear first places in the results page. There are three essential keys to consider when it comes to quality.

The Expected Clicks Rate is about the expected rate we believe it will be clicked in the Google Ad. We normally trust every comment and the clicks rate (CTR Click Through Rate) which we consider are a very reliable indicator. Every single click is counted as a vote, so we have a large number of people giving us information to decide which is the best ad for every single search.

On the second hand, we will highlight the experience when users are linked to the Ad’s landing page. Every user imagines in their minds what they want to see just when they are searching for it. Landing pages must show that things in their mind, precisely. These landing pages are quite relevant when they allow to reach a ver high quality level. This is achieved with an interesting and relevant content, original, which help every user to reach their goal. At the same time, it is essential to ease the internet navigability in every web page, showing easy information about the business, options, sections considering every device and the use of the whole personal data in mind.

At last, third aspect to think about, we cannot forget the ad’s significance where we confirm if it is certainly a related content or not, regarding the search of the audience. This is very helpful, on the other hand, to help us assure only useful ads will be placed. Using this metric, we avoid advertisers pay for searches that will not be related with their products or services, at all, which is, by the way, something quite desirable and profitable.

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