When it comes to organize our ads in search engine, Google Ads Works through an action system that lets us know how much costs every click in our ads. If we want to know the order we will use a metric known as Ads Ranking.

Every google user wants to see the most relevant ads. They do not want to be disturbed with irrelavant contents and advertising that are simply useless. Attending to advertiser, the main goal is to most relevant ads to these users, according to their precise searches, keywords, trending…

This is how we pretend to give our users the most positive experience as well as most rewarding results and value for advertisers. Google Ads supports efficiency, results and credibility to our online marketing campaigns.

As an example, this is how a real auction works: Google Ads calculates the whole block of ads’ ranking within the auction. This settles the precise position where every single ad will be placed and of course, if every condition required is done so it will be published in the internet. It is common the ad with the highest ranking will be seen first place, second and so on an on…

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